Temporary Exhibitions

The Other | Art Installation - Gila Stein 
Opening date: Friday 6/3/2020 at 10:30
Closing date: 20/6/2020

Curator: Daria Kaufman

Immigration and refugee crises are phenomena which characterize the times in which we live. The exhibition of artist Gila Stein deals with the waves of immigration which arrived to Israel, and focuses on the attempt made at the beginning of the state to create a “melting pot.” The installation attempts to echo the physical and emotional influences that affected the new immigrants, the request and the expectation to actualize this “integration of the exiles” and to create one community with similar characteristics.
Stein sculpts cement heads with anonymous facial features. The faces receive a specific identity when illuminated with photographs of the immigrants from different ethnic groups. The sculpture installation attempts to illuminate the complicated reality of the immigrant after arriving at a new place. Among other techniques, the artist places about two dozen facial sculptures on sheets of rusted iron in which the erosion of time can be visualized. The faces are identical, and lack characterization and expression, as if they had shed their uniqueness. The rusted body also expresses loss-the disintegration of the familiar and the known. This aesthetic choice indicates the intermediate phase between the loss of one’s previous identity and the acceptance of the new one.
Stein’s installation “The Other” integrates sculpture photography, video and sound. It engages a number of the visitors’ senses: sound, vision and touch. This multisensory approach is intended to remind the viewers of just how life changing and tumultuous immigration and being a refugee can be. Whether the immigration was forced or by choice, the trauma of the immigrant is all inclusive. The language in the new land has a different basis and consistency, the sounds of the new culture beat the drum at an unfamiliar rhythm, and the new sights dazzle the retina of the eye to see other landscapes. And all of this is in addition to the need to integrate into a new society which does not always accept the other with open arms.
Upon entering the exhibition space, the viewers pass through a dark, narrow passageway. From inside the wall, sculptured hands protrude, pointing at the viewers with an accusing finger. The hands serve as a double metaphor: they are the hands of those that immigrated to Israel, turning in sharp criticism towards the veteran Israelis for their lack of acceptance and point at the lack of equality and opportunities, the hatred of the foreigner and the lack of tolerance towards the other. Tens of additional hands comprise a complete wall in the display hall, and represent the veteran community of Israel which admonish the new immigrants for changing the familiar social fabric, for closing themselves off in their previous traditions and for their difficulty in integrating into the present society.
Gila Stein is a multidisciplinary artist who has worked in a variety of mediums over the last five decades. Since 1985 she has exhibited her work in many single and group exhibitions; among them are the 
Biblical Museum in Tel-Aviv, the Castel Museum in Ma’ale Adumim as well as exhibitions in New York, London, Paris, Lisbon, Venice, Istanbul, Ankara, Caracas and more.
Video and sound editor: Amir Rajforker
Installment by Gili Natan

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“Women Create” 2020 Edition | Ma'ale Adumim women artists
Opening date: Friday 6/3/2020 at 12:30
Closing date: 16/3/2020

Curator: Osnat Shapira

Let’s begin with tradition. “Women Create” has been a welcome tradition at the museum, marking national Women’s Day. This year, we offer a brand new collection of artwork for 2020.
Who is participating? We will be hosting women artists who live in the city as well as those who live in the Greater Maale Adumim Region - surrounding communities located between Jerusalem and the Dead Sea.
Which types of art media will be displayed? We will be expanding from painting, drawing and sculpture to photography, and video art. In coming years, expect to see further expansion to ceramics, glasswork, sound and more.
For us, every form of artwork is important - whether it derives from part of a class assignment, an independent project or from a graduate of Bezalel, Hadassah College or HaKubia School of Art.
We hope that this year’s exhibition will reflect a wide variety of creativity, from the topics themselves to the media the artists use based on their identities, backgrounds and accumulated knowledge.
This time, borrowing an expression from the writer, Virginia Wolf, the women’s group will
have at its disposal not only a “room of my own” but “a complete hall for themselves”.
We hope that these 10 days in March will serve as a local women’s “room of wonders.”

The creators who will be exhibiting:

Dovrat Alpern, Advah Burke, Vered Ganchrow, Elisheva (Ellen) Horowitz, Lisa Cain Hammerman, Victoria Zlatkin, Vered Charush, Alumim Haruveni Kahana, Rafa Lasser,
Sarah Muchtar, Ayala Sonenblick, Yael Fink, Nurit Tzin, Svetlana Kosjak.

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Shmuel Shelest, Shlomo Bronshtein, Mariana Korol | On the Road... Modern Israeli Art
Opening date: 23/12/2019 at 18:00
Closing date: 01/3/2020
Curator: Marina

The exhibition "On the Road" is a continuation of a series of exhibitions under the name "Modern Israeli Art", the theme of which is the biblical history of Israel, told using the language of modern art. Each of the three artists taking part in the exhibition saw the story of the Jewish wanderings from Egypt through their own perspective: the travelers on their way to Eretz Israel and the path that is set out in front of them. In the archaic characters of Shmuel Shelest, we see modern Israelis that we can meet today on the streets of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and Haifa... This connection of time is strengthened by the technique the artist uses: in the foundation of the images - monotype on silk, which is then altered with the use of the most diverse materials - acrylic, chalk, and charcoal, so that the thin vertical sheets are made to look like ancient parchment scrolls. 

In the photographs of Shlomo Bronshtein, we can see the very same desert through which our ancestors walked. We even see that very same road, steeply going up; we feel how difficult it would be to walk on it, feel the unbearable heat. The combination of Shelest's scrolls and Bronshtein's photographs in the same exhibit allows us to assure ourselves that it was indeed we who walked this path to the mountain of Sinai, because the scenery is so familiar. 

Mariana Korol's works on fabric are not documentary. The monochrome palette and the closeness of the foreground make them look like dreams, but this dream is about the same desert. This kind of synthesis (in the works of all the participants) of a traditional approach to text and the search for non-traditional visual solutions, creates an opportunity for the viewers to not only steep themselves in biblical history but to also try themselves to decipher the hints and prophesies taken from the text and put into the fabric of a visual art form. 

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The Ort Dekel Vilnai Junior High School & High School Art Courses
In cooperation with senior residents of Maale Adumim from the Yuvalim Center |
An Eye Towards Jerusalem

Opening date: 12/6/2019
Closing date: Jerusalem Day 2020
Curator: Dudu Penso

As is our yearly tradition, we are proud to host this year’s exhibition, “An Eye Towards Jerusalem" - This exhibition begins with the paintbrushes of the junior high and high school students who create art as part of their course load, together with senior residents of the city of Maale Adumim from the Yuvalim Center who participate in the project “Senior Citizen Class” which takes place at the high school.
The project is under the leadership of artist, Dudu Penso, the art major coordinator at the school.
The paintings and drawings will be displayed at the entrance of the museum, in the open area for all to see, for a full year, until Jerusalem Day 2020.


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National Exhibition of Art Graduates in Religious State Education
Opening date: 2/1/2020
Closing date: 26/2/2020
Curator: Liora Levy - artist and curator

16th National Exhibition of Zipporah Luria Religious Education art Graduates

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