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Temporary Exhibitions

Shmuel Shelest, Shlomo Bronshtein, Mariana Korol | On the Road... Modern Israeli Art
Opening date: 23/12/2019 at 18:00
Closing date: 01/3/2020
Curator: Marina

The exhibition "On the Road" is a continuation of a series of exhibitions under the name "Modern Israeli Art", the theme of which is the biblical history of Israel, told using the language of modern art. Each of the three artists taking part in the exhibition saw the story of the Jewish wanderings from Egypt through their own perspective: the travelers on their way to Eretz Israel and the path that is set out in front of them. In the archaic characters of Shmuel Shelest, we see modern Israelis that we can meet today on the streets of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and Haifa... This connection of time is strengthened by the technique the artist uses: in the foundation of the images - monotype on silk, which is then altered with the use of the most diverse materials - acrylic, chalk, and charcoal, so that the thin vertical sheets are made to look like ancient parchment scrolls. 

In the photographs of Shlomo Bronshtein, we can see the very same desert through which our ancestors walked. We even see that very same road, steeply going up; we feel how difficult it would be to walk on it, feel the unbearable heat. The combination of Shelest's scrolls and Bronshtein's photographs in the same exhibit allows us to assure ourselves that it was indeed we who walked this path to the mountain of Sinai, because the scenery is so familiar. 

Mariana Korol's works on fabric are not documentary. The monochrome palette and the closeness of the foreground make them look like dreams, but this dream is about the same desert. This kind of synthesis (in the works of all the participants) of a traditional approach to text and the search for non-traditional visual solutions, creates an opportunity for the viewers to not only steep themselves in biblical history but to also try themselves to decipher the hints and prophesies taken from the text and put into the fabric of a visual art form. 

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The Ort Dekel Vilnai Junior High School & High School Art Courses
In cooperation with senior residents of Maale Adumim from the Yuvalim Center |
An Eye Towards Jerusalem

Opening date: 12/6/2019
Closing date: Jerusalem Day 2020
Curator: Dudu Penso

As is our yearly tradition, we are proud to host this year’s exhibition, “An Eye Towards Jerusalem" - This exhibition begins with the paintbrushes of the junior high and high school students who create art as part of their course load, together with senior residents of the city of Maale Adumim from the Yuvalim Center who participate in the project “Senior Citizen Class” which takes place at the high school.
The project is under the leadership of artist, Dudu Penso, the art major coordinator at the school.
The paintings and drawings will be displayed at the entrance of the museum, in the open area for all to see, for a full year, until Jerusalem Day 2020.


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National Exhibition of Art Graduates in Religious State Education
Opening date: 2/1/2020
Closing date: 26/2/2020
Curator: Liora Levy - artist and curator

16th National Exhibition of Zipporah Luria Religious Education art Graduates

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הזמנה סופית תערוכה ארצית 16 .jpg

Meir Axelrod | From the Stetl to Moscow
Opening date: 6/12/2018
Closing date: 1/3/2019
Curator: Osnat Shapira

The visitor is invited to follow the chapters of Russian and Jewish history in the 20 th century as portrayed by the paintings and sketches of Axelrod in this exhibition. As a student of Modernism and avant-garde at the beginning of the last century, the artist had
been labeled in the former Soviet Union as a “formalist”. Even though his work had not been displayed in any exhibition for over more than 20 years, Axelrod remained optimistic and continued to paint. His paintings from the last decade are a celebration of color and vitality despite the difficult circumstances of his life. After his death, his works were exhibited once again in the most prestigious museums in Russia and outside the country as well. His works can be found today in many museums, and locally, at the Israel Museum. It is noteworthy that the majority of his collection can be found in Maale Adumim at his family’s residence.

A gallery talk will take place on Wednesday 2/1/19 at 19:30 at the Moshe Castel Museum.
The discussion will be conducted by the museum curator, Osnat Shapira and the artist Michael Yechilevitch.

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Michael Yechilevitch | From Moscow to Maale Adumim
Opening date: 6/12/2018
Closing date: 28/2/2019
Curator: Osnat Shapira

Yechilevitch’s education as an artist began at a young age by his grandfather, Meir Axelrod. Next to his artwork from the Russian chapter of his life one can see how his aliyah to Israel in 1990 changed the topics and colors used in his paintings. The physical expanses of the desert reflect not only the land of his forefathers but the loss of his social and cultural milieu. In a typical minimalistic language, using both wit and irony, Yechilevitch presents the different and challenging physical conditions of his new homeland - Israel.

A gallery talk will be held on Wednesday 6/2/19 at 19:30 at the Moshe Castel Museum. The talk will be conducted by the museum curator, Osnat Shapira and the artist Michael Yechilovetch.

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