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Temporary Exhibitions

Exhibition of graduates of the Dekel Vilnai Amal art program | Group exhibition

Opening Exhibition: Thursday 24/03/2022

Curators: Dudu Penso

Art History Teacher: Little Swipek

School principal: Dina Zaitsev

Contributing Artists: Agam Barazani | Adva Peretz | Dekel Azulai | Hadas Buhsira | Hadar Dahan | Yam Golber | Yael Cucas | Yarden Cohen | Linoy Coriat | May Baruchi | Sivan Baruchi | Maayan Baron | Nofar Illuoz | Adi Cohen | Shahar Elmaleh | Eden Siboni | May Sharon | Nati Melsa


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Women's Day at the Castel Museum | Creative Women's Exhibition - Group exhibition

Opening Exhibition: Thursday 08/03/2022

Closing Date: 08/04/2022

Curators: DR. Bat Sheva Ida - Goldman

Contributing Artists: Adams Linda | Aviram Jorjet | Anis Judith | Abramovich Adi |

Aplaton Judith | Avigad Sharon | Ben Ezra Anat | Gal On Hava | Hershkovitz Yael | Mor Eti | Mualem Sapir | Levi Nicole | Asour Edith | Tzin Nurit | Konfino Dor | Rapaport Iris | Shahar Rinat | Gila Stein

"Femininity in matter in spirit and what is in them",

A special exhibition for International Women's Day


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The National Exhibition of Art Graduates in Religious Education | Graduates of art programs in religious education named after Zippora Lurie

Opening Exhibition: Thursday 03/02/2022

Closing Date: 20/02/2022

Curators: Talia Peer, Ariela Elkayam

The exhibition is a testament to the revolution that is taking place among religious youth, who seek to find additional, creative and meaningful ways to "pray for his life" in painting, sculpture and various fields of art.

Teenagers, art graduates from about 35 high schools, yeshivas and studios around the country, participate in this special exhibition. Many works deal with the various aspects of the corona year and its effects - the impact on relationships with grandparents, relationships with distant family circles, prayers in nature, distance, loneliness - all have representation in the works of art. Many works are made from materials that were available to the creators at home, but are no less exciting and creative.


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Farm Holiday Memories Since | Benny Levin
Farm Holiday Memories Since

Opening Exhibition: 06.12.2021

Closing Date: 06.01.2022

Curator: Eli Raz

The exhibition deals with my memories as a child and teenager in Kibbutz Beit Hashita in the Jezreel Valley. I never kept a diary and the memory, what to do, can sometimes be misleading. But the resemblance to real events and characters is not accidental and relies on the best of my memory. A large part of the works has been published over the past two years (once a week) on the kibbutz's Facebook page and have received many comments.

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The Artists of Agripas 12 Gallery's: Homage to Moshe Castel

Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the Moshe Castel Museum of Art

Contributing Artists:

Doron Adar | Max Epstein | Dina Blich | Lena Zaidel 

Oded Zaidel | Gabi Yair | Mazal Carmon | Sara Nina Meridor 

Ben Simon | Rina Peled | Bitya Rosenak | Ruth Schreiber

Friday, July 30th 2021, at 12:00

Curated: Osnat Shapira, Lena Zaidel

״The Moshe Castel homage project is a collaborative project realized with the Agripas 12 Artists' Gallery and the Moshe Castel Museum of Art. The many and varied gallery artists have produced a conversation of aesthetics which has sharpened their own introspection and so reflects the unique language of Moshe Castel. As curator of the Museum, during the development of this project, elements in Moshe Castel's works that these contemporary artists found relevant, were revealed to me. This project has also led to a greater familiarity with the gallery artists. The process has materialized a very unique project joining a heterogeneous group of artists in dialogue with a single artist, one of great importance in the historiography of the world of Israeli art from the 1920's to the 1970's.

It is therefore why the Moshe Castel Museum of Art is honored to join in hosting this lively group of local artists. We hope it contributes to a new and refreshed look at, conversation with, and research of an important and celebrated figure in Israeli art, Jewish art and as an international artist.״

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Mesilot | Presenters: Ella Bishevsky | Lera Barshtein | Svetlana Ostrovsky

Michael Yakhilevich | Boris Karafelov | Michael Morgenshtern

Julia Segal | Julia Shulman | Lea Zarembo
Opening date: Monday 21.06.2021
Closing date: 13.07.2021

Curator of the exhibition: Michael Yakhilevich

An exhibition of the Mesilot group is about choosing to close a circle of 30 years in the country
The artists of the circle acquired an academic education in academic institutions in Russia, but the painting was informally studied by unofficial artists.
It was a powerful expression in a language different from the socialist realisms then prevalent in the Soviet Union. They developed a language of conveying ideas without the need for explanations and sometimes a wink. Mostly the artists' perception of their nanny was as a mission and not as a consumer product. They were perceived by the local barangas in the country as outdated and recommended to them to join the Tel Aviv milieu close to journalists and advertisers. As an expression of the resurrection of the circle artists, their residences were chosen according to their ideological conception, most of them in the territories. The group has held several exhibitions in Israel, Germany, Italy, France and Russia.

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Halalim | Presenter: Itai Ron-Gilboa
Opening date: Monday 12.04.2021
Closing date: 25.04.2021

Initiator of the exhibition: Nehama Zion

Exhibition in memory of 14 fallen as they left us left families, children and friends and left the shadow of memory.
14 portraits of women and men, all IDF Fallen soldiers. The Fallen soldiers become a family, in our pain we connect and get closer, the portraits are made of thin iron wire, most of the work is the empty spaces between line.

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The Other | Art Installation - Gila Stein 
Opening date: Friday 6/3/2020 at 10:30
Closing date: 20/6/2020

Curator: Daria Kaufman

Immigration and refugee crises are phenomena which characterize the times in which we live. The exhibition of artist Gila Stein deals with the waves of immigration which arrived to Israel, and focuses on the attempt made at the beginning of the state to create a “melting pot.” The installation attempts to echo the physical and emotional influences that affected the new immigrants, the request and the expectation to actualize this “integration of the exiles” and to create one community with similar characteristics.
Stein sculpts cement heads with anonymous facial features. The faces receive a specific identity when illuminated with photographs of the immigrants from different ethnic groups. The sculpture installation attempts to illuminate the complicated reality of the immigrant after arriving at a new place. Among other techniques, the artist places about two dozen facial sculptures on sheets of rusted iron in which the erosion of time can be visualized. The faces are identical, and lack characterization and expression, as if they had shed their uniqueness. The rusted body also expresses loss-the disintegration of the familiar and the known. This aesthetic choice indicates the intermediate phase between the loss of one’s previous identity and the acceptance of the new one.
Stein’s installation “The Other” integrates sculpture photography, video and sound. It engages a number of the visitors’ senses: sound, vision and touch. This multisensory approach is intended to remind the viewers of just how life changing and tumultuous immigration and being a refugee can be. Whether the immigration was forced or by choice, the trauma of the immigrant is all inclusive. The language in the new land has a different basis and consistency, the sounds of the new culture beat the drum at an unfamiliar rhythm, and the new sights dazzle the retina of the eye to see other landscapes. And all of this is in addition to the need to integrate into a new society which does not always accept the other with open arms.
Upon entering the exhibition space, the viewers pass through a dark, narrow passageway. From inside the wall, sculptured hands protrude, pointing at the viewers with an accusing finger. The hands serve as a double metaphor: they are the hands of those that immigrated to Israel, turning in sharp criticism towards the veteran Israelis for their lack of acceptance and point at the lack of equality and opportunities, the hatred of the foreigner and the lack of tolerance towards the other. Tens of additional hands comprise a complete wall in the display hall, and represent the veteran community of Israel which admonish the new immigrants for changing the familiar social fabric, for closing themselves off in their previous traditions and for their difficulty in integrating into the present society.
Gila Stein is a multidisciplinary artist who has worked in a variety of mediums over the last five decades. Since 1985 she has exhibited her work in many single and group exhibitions; among them are the Biblical Museum in Tel-Aviv, the Castel Museum in Ma’ale Adumim as well as exhibitions in New York, London, Paris, Lisbon, Venice, Istanbul, Ankara, Caracas and more.

Video and sound editor: Amir Rajforker
Installment by Gili Natan

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