Permanent Exhibitions

The permanent exhibitions of Moshe Castel’s artwork is the heart and soul of the museum. These exhibitions are devoted to the paintings and artistic creations of the artist, to his world and life history.

The exhibitions are a collection of Castel’s artwork presented in chronological order from the beginning of his career at Betzalel School of Art, through his time spent in Paris and New York where he won international recognition, and back to Israel where he continued to develop and to create new and unique techniques that are embedded in his works.
The exhibitions include a large collection of “basalt paintings” – a product of an original technique which he developed that was used to create a sculptured relief as part of his painting. After years of experimentation, Castel created a secret mixture
which included pulverized basalt rock. The basalt symbolized the historic and spiritual connection to the Jewish past as well as the connection to Israel and the ground on which it exists. According to Castel, this technique allowed him to create a new artistic expression, and to connect with and sprout deep roots in the soil of his land.


These artistic pieces with their bright colors, intriguing relief structures, and attention to materials characterized Castel so well.

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