Future Exhibits

Fundamental changes in the museum’s permanent exhibitions
Curator: Osnat Shapira

Details to follow

“The Metaphysics of Material”
To be exhibited in 2020

Curator: Orit Lev Segev

Details to follow

The national exhibition of art majors from the state religious educational system
Opening date: 2/1/2020
Closing date: 29/1/2020

Exhibition of graduating art majors from the Ort Dekel Vilnai High School
Opening date: 18/3/2020
Closing date: 31/3/2020

Curator: Dudu Penso - art major director

The exhibition and graduation exams at the museum have become a tradition over the last four years.

Jerusalem Day Exhibition - "An Eye Towards Jerusalem"

The Ort Dekel Vilnai Junior High School & High School Art Courses
In cooperation with senior residents of Maale Adumim from the Yuvalim Center 

Opening date: 22/5/2020
Closing date: Jerusalem Day 2021
Curator: Dudu Penso 
- art major director