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Exhibition Archives

Tal Heres | Megunderet (Dressed-up)
Opening date: 30/8/2019
Closing date: 30/9/2019
Curator: Eli Raz

In the process of reducing the ego and positioning himself behind the camera, the photographer is exposed to the bold colors on the large taut sheets attached to wooden frames and the formidable geophysical imagery of the artist, Moshe Castel. The photographer then visits the home of Moshe Castel and is exposed to the dominating personality of the artist’s wife, Bilha.

Tal Heres, a young artist, stands with his camera, opposite 70 years of the artist’s creativity and 43 years of marital life with his wife, Bilha. He is faced with the challenge of giving appropriate expression to the 25 years of her solitude with the artist’s works and and the fulfillment of her life mission — the implementation of Castel’s will, the building of “our Taj Mahal”, permanent housing for the artist’s works — the Moshe Castel Museum of Art.
During Castel’s lifetime, Bilha lived in the shadow of her husband’s giant stature; a giant both physically and in the field of art. The only way she could express herself was to become involved in his artwork. In addition to being a source of inspiration and a model for some of his works, she would also choose the colors of her clothing according to the artist’s preferences—red, blue and green.
The ability of Tal to understand Bilha’s sources of inspiration and the uniqueness of the colors of her clothes are expressed in the model photographs together with the creations of the artist, though at times, in contrast with them, all against the backdrop of the antique furniture in which she has chosen to live her life. After 25 years of forced isolation she is forced to absorb the essence of her husband’s life
and his personality which are expressed with cloth, light and color.
Through his lens, the photographer artist equates Castel’s spreading the cloth over Bilha’s body with stretching the canvas over a wooden frame, and the chosen color of her clothes with the colors spread on the cloth with erotic strokes of Castel’s paintbrush. One black box, one eye, one moment captured…

Eli Raz

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הזמנה למגונדרת - אנגלית.jpg

Women Create 2019
Opening date: 8/3/2019 at 11:00
Closing date: 22/3/19
Curator: Rachel Ziv

Holding a women’s exhibition during the month which marks International Women’s Day, is an important tradition.
The art exhibition, “Women Create” will take place for the second year in a row at the Moshe Castel Art Museum in Maale Adumim, and is organized in cooperation with the municipal community center. Participation in this exhibition is geared for local women artists as well as women from all parts of the country.
The need for a gender-defined exhibition on the subject of women is of utmost importance. A tremendous social revolution has been occurring throughout history regarding the status of women but women in many societies and cultures in the world still do not enjoy the equal rights that they are deserving of. Women continue in their struggle to stand as equals with men. The topics of this struggle are many and different: equal wages, sharing equally in family responsibilities and more. In art and in creativity, women play a respectable role, in defining awareness and in the feminine arena.
Today, towards the end of the second decade of the 2000’s, women who create are dominant in society.
Tobi Morrison, an Afro-American writer, poet, children’s author, professor and Pulitzer Prize winner in 1988, recipient of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1993 and the Presidential Medal for Freedom in 2012 wrote the following: “Usually we are proud of our success in managing to balance our creative work with our housework and other responsibilities. I am not sure that we deserve to receive an outstanding grade for this achievement”.
Here, at the Castel Museum, we hope that the tradition of exhibiting women’s artwork will continue for many years to come.

Participating women artists in this exhibition:
Isabelle Rachel Satloff, Ilana Taman, Alina Pikovsky, Elisheva Horowitz, Anna Falencor, Galina Golov, Devorah YIsraeli, Victoria Zeltkin, Vered Harush, Zehava Sabag, Haya Halprin, Hannah Melamed, Talya Saadon, Talya Rubin, Yevagnia Kirstein, Yael Luberbaum, Carmela Raichuk, Michal Elazar Tzur, Mimi Ben Shalom Schiefer, Miriam Chen, Nurit Tzin, Noa Rubin, Anat Ben Ezra, Anat Uriel Yaaalon, Polina Eidelson, Penina Afik, Rinat Shahar, Sarah Gilboa ( za”l), Sarah Septon Shor, Dorit Rof, Yael Hershkovitz

An arts and crafts fair will take place at the museum on Friday, 15/3/19 from 11 a.m.
Free entrance

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Ort Dekel Vilnai High school Art major | Graduates Exhibition
​Opening date: 21/2/2019
Closing date: 1/3/2019
Curator: Dudu Penso

This exhibition at the Moshe Castel Museum displays the best of the artwork created by the high school art major graduates of Ort Dekel Vilnai High School. Free entrance.

Participants of the Exhibition:
Ohad Uzan, Aloni Emmanuel, Aravivo Lee, Ben Yisrael Ofek, Benkin Libi, Didian Aviv, Dimovki Dana, Vaknin ALmog,Tibi Shahar, Yalon Ohad,Yitzchak Tair, Cohen Bar, Lakin Katrin, Millis Tal, Levkowitch Hadar, Nuriel Yuval, Soneno Eden, Peretz Ofek, Tchomkov Irena, Karvel Liel, Rabibo Shani, Shalom Shahar

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