Courses and Workshops - Arts and Crafts

Drawing, Painting and Composition
In this course we will observe and paint the world. We will learn how to paint landscapes, still objects and portraits.
We will learn the elements of composition in art such as color and form, the elements of design and of drawing.
Instructor: Michael Yechilovitch - painter, set manager and lecturer of European, Israeli and Jewish art history.

Yechilovitch has exhibited his artwork here in Israel and throughout the world.
28 sessions | Tuesdays 16:00-19:00 | cost: 2,200 shekels

Scribal Writing (Sephardic Style)
This course will prepare you to become an official scribe (sofer stam). Each session will be divided into practical
work and learning the halachot (Jewish law). There will be personal supervision for each participant.
Instructor: Chaim Abadi - a scribe of over 20 years who teaches the art of scribal writing and prepares students for
the tests at “Mishmeret Stam” and at "Yad Refael”
25 sessions | Wednesdays 18:00-20:00 | cost: 3,000 shekels (materials bought in group purchase)

"Arts full of Surprises"
A course for Russian speaking adults. Filled with surprises - the course will cover integration of styles, tradition and
renewal, Jewish art, bible stories, symbols and signs, architecture, fashion, jewelry, famous museums and more.
Instructors and lecturers: Michael Yechilovitch and his wife, art researcher and jewelry designer, Oksana Yechilovitch.
28 sessions | Wednesdays 17:00-18:30 | cost: 1,800 shekels


Paper Cutting
Thousands of years ago this art began in ancient China, India and Europe and for hundreds of years has been a part
of Jewish art as well. During the course, we will learn types of artistic cutting, cutting techniques and develop fine
motor skills/
Instructor: Ilana Yopa - member of the paper cutting organization in Israel, graphic designer and artist.
Her works are displayed in various private collections.
12 sessions | Wednesdays 9:30-11:00 or 18:30-20:00 | cost: 1,200 shekels


The Magic of the Mandala
An experiential course in which we will learn what a mandala is (a spiritual geometric configuration, in Sanskrit),
why it is used and how to make one. We will learn how it symbolizes the processes of life, helps to develop concentration,

focusing, creativity, enjoyment, serenity and meditation. We will learn about the colors and their roles, and about spiritual
geometry (the flower of life, star of david, pentagon) We will learn about the 4 elements, the secret of the letters and more.
Instructor: Anat Orel Yalon - mind-body connection, awareness & mysticism, group dynamics leader, painting & intuitive dancing.
12 sessions | Thursdays 17:00-19:00 | cost: 1,200 shekels


Typography and Calligraphy
We will learn the alphabet theory, the structure of the letters and how to use the space on the page.
We will use colors and varied techniques, and practice writing with a calligraphic pen in a variety of fonts.
Instructor: Daniella Bart - artist and graphic designer.
14 sessions | Thursdays 9-12:00 | cost: 2,500 shekels


Wood Carving
Basic course on carving and woodsculpting using a variety of noble trees and creating a relief, a utensil,
3 dimensions and more.
Instructor: Kathy Kerner - wood artist, art teacher and instructor for wood carving and sculpting.
Her works are exhibited in Israel and worldwide.
12 sessions | Thursday 9-12:00 | cost: 2,500 shekels


Japanese Painting
In this course we will learn about the 4 noble plants: bamboo, plum, chrysanthemum and orchid, the symbols
and philosophy and how to use the special tools and basic techniques in Japanese painting. We will discover
the potential of ink and we will learn about mineral color and gold. We will practice an integration of simple

elements leading to a more complex composition.
Instructor: Victoria Zeltkin - artist, art teacher and painting course instructor.
Her works are exhibited in Israel and worldwide.
12 sessions | Tuesdays 17:30-19:30 | cost: 1,400 shekels


“Open Studio”
On Tuesday afternoons the Castel Museum will become a free creative space for the whole family where one
can experiment in using different and new materials and learn a variety of techniques. The museum staff will
be available to guide the participants as needed while allowing the freedom to use the space in a creative way.
Tuesdays 16:30-19:00 | cost: 60 shekels for adult and child per session (ticket for 5 sessions - 250 shekels)

Courses will begin during the months of January-February 2020. Registration will be held until 15/12/2019.
registration fee: 120 shekels

Courses will be open based on minimum number of participants and cost does not include materials


Details and registration: 02-5357000 |

Our Paint Club
Drink! Paint! Create!

Painting club - crafts - snacks and beer
From today on add 50 shekels per person and participate in a creative workshop:

  • Jewelry designing workshop/ leather items/ surprises

  • Glass painting

  • Intuitive painting / create a “mandala”- flower of life and spiritual circle

  • Chocolate Workshop

  • Calligraphy Workshop (letter writing in different fonts)

  • Collage Making — a combination of newspaper cuttings and color


(Additional fee for snacks and beer / white wine - 15 shekels per participant)

*This price is conditional on 25 person minimum
**Each participant in a group visit will receive a gift valued at 100 shekels- good until 22/02/2020

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