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20 Prayer, 1979 תפילה Signed Lithograph on Somerset paper.jpg

Books on Moshe Castel and His Art

Castel, introduction by Michel Tapie de Celeyran, study by Howard Morley Sachar
(Neuchatel, Switzerland: Editions du Griffon, 1968; also published in French).

Moshe Castel. Retrospective Exhibition, 1928–1973
(The Tel Aviv Museum of Art, 1973).

Moshe Castel. Jubilee Exhibition. Sixty Years of Creativity
(Jerusalem: The Knesset, 1984).

Moshe Castel (Rishon Le Zion: “Kshatot” Arts, 1995).
Castel. Works from the Collection (Maale-Adummim:
The Moshe Castel Museum of Art, 2018).

Gideon Ofrat, Moshe Castel. Towards a True Sephardic Art
(The Levin Foundation Press, 2019).

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