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Archives Exhibition

The painting exhibition of the artists of Gil Pinto's painting studio

Gil Pinto's studio is located in the Kidar settlement
Dozens of children and adults study in the studio, sharing their love for color art and creation
I am happy, proud and excited to present the exhibition of the studio artists, both adults and children
The exhibition has about 26 participants and about 350 works in the museum. A selected part of the works made during the year are displayed
Gil I believe that every person has a hidden artist and one of the best ways for a person to express himself and refine his soul is through contact with material and color
This year I am very excited, as this is the first time that an exhibition of my creative artists is shown at the Castell Museum, there is no doubt that the prestigious and prestigious house gives an additional dimension to the recognition of local art and the growth of artists throughout the city

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Celebration of Women Artists

Opening of the exhibition: Tuesday 28.04.23
Closing of the exhibition: 31.07.23

Curators: Bat Sheva Goldman-Ida

A women's exhibition on the occasion of International Women's Day 2023 will be shown again this year at the painter Moshe Castel Museum. Many women from all over the country contacted us following a call that we published. Only 38 female artists were selected.
Ayelet Booker | Elizabeth Lauren | Elisha Hani Segi cedar | Eti Lori | Yehudian Odalia | Ben Gad Gilia | Ben Ezra Anat | Ben Ami Nikita | Gil Pinto | Deborah Weiss | Zakai Michal | Yael Pinik | Carmel Ben Or | Liora Terkel | Must Tamna | Malka Bergman | Nily Kidar | Neria Sapir | Fuchman Romea | Frida Piro | Shelly Cohen and Mayan (Cymbal Productions) | Kolek Osnat | Coral Jungerman Kazovsky Helena | Rachel Tesler | Rain Irena | Vardi ben Abu Aliza | Lily Levit | Bella Rosenbaum | Marganit Erez | Michal Barnea | Yulia Lushek | Shoshi Rimer | Shoshana Weingarten | Sharon Avigad
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An article in the Zeman Ma'ala newspaper

זמן מעלה - תערוכת נשים 2023.jpg

Train evacuation: "Kyiv - Lviv" | Nikolai Sokolov

Opening of the exhibition: Tuesday 11/15/22
Closing of the exhibition: 31.12.22

Curators: Bat Sheva Goldman-Ida

Nikolai Sokolov arrived in Israel with his wife Marina from Kyiv in March 2022, a graduate of the Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design in St. Petersburg and a member of the Ukrainian Artists Union. In the train evacuation series: "Kyiv - Lviv" 2022, he draws in various media and with an expressive hand the moments of horror that accompanied the evacuation .
"We were like a nest of birds inside the train carriage, huddled and supporting each other. Patience, patience, thought in our hearts is "going nowhere". How did this happen? What will happen? Feelings of stress, anxiety, fear and pain wash over us One by one. The mothers' lips are pursed so as not to take out a rudder and cry and scare the children. The puppy's bridle is already worn, the cat does not howl, the parrot sits still....

ניקולאי קטלוג - סופי_Page_01.jpg

Exhibition of graduates of the Dekel Vilnai Amal art program | Group exhibition

Opening Exhibition: Thursday 24/03/2022

Curators: Dudu Penso

Art History Teacher: Little Swipek

School principal: Dina Zaitsev

Contributing Artists: Agam Barazani | Adva Peretz | Dekel Azulai | Hadas Buhsira | Hadar Dahan | Yam Golber | Yael Cucas | Yarden Cohen | Linoy Coriat | May Baruchi | Sivan Baruchi | Maayan Baron | Nofar Illuoz | Adi Cohen | Shahar Elmaleh | Eden Siboni | May Sharon | Nati Melsa


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אמילי בפריז.jpg

Women's Day at the Castel Museum | Creative Women's Exhibition - Group exhibition

Opening Exhibition: Thursday 08/03/2022

Closing Date: 08/04/2022

Curators: DR. Bat Sheva Ida - Goldman

Contributing Artists: Adams Linda | Aviram Jorjet | Anis Judith | Abramovich Adi |

Aplaton Judith | Avigad Sharon | Ben Ezra Anat | Gal On Hava | Hershkovitz Yael | Mor Eti | Mualem Sapir | Levi Nicole | Asour Edith | Tzin Nurit | Konfino Dor | Rapaport Iris | Shahar Rinat | Gila Stein

"Femininity in matter in spirit and what is in them",

A special exhibition for International Women's Day


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נשים - ספיר מועלם.jpg

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The National Exhibition of Art Graduates in Religious Education | Graduates of art programs in religious education named after Zippora Lurie

Opening Exhibition: Thursday 03/02/2022

Closing Date: 20/02/2022

Curators: Talia Peer, Ariela Elkayam

The exhibition is a testament to the revolution that is taking place among religious youth, who seek to find additional, creative and meaningful ways to "pray for his life" in painting, sculpture and various fields of art.

Teenagers, art graduates from about 35 high schools, yeshivas and studios around the country, participate in this special exhibition. Many works deal with the various aspects of the corona year and its effects - the impact on relationships with grandparents, relationships with distant family circles, prayers in nature, distance, loneliness - all have representation in the works of art. Many works are made from materials that were available to the creators at home, but are no less exciting and creative.


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PNIM ART 2021 - לבדיקה איכות נמוכה הגהה 4_Page_13.jpg

Farm Holiday Memories Since | Benny Levin
Farm Holiday Memories Since

Opening Exhibition: 06.12.2021

Closing Date: 06.01.2022

Curator: Eli Raz

The exhibition deals with my memories as a child and teenager in Kibbutz Beit Hashita in the Jezreel Valley. I never kept a diary and the memory, what to do, can sometimes be misleading. But the resemblance to real events and characters is not accidental and relies on the best of my memory. A large part of the works has been published over the past two years (once a week) on the kibbutz's Facebook page and have received many comments.

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The Artists of Agripas 12 Gallery's: Homage to Moshe Castel

Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the Moshe Castel Museum of Art

Contributing Artists:

Doron Adar | Max Epstein | Dina Blich | Lena Zaidel 

Oded Zaidel | Gabi Yair | Mazal Carmon | Sara Nina Meridor 

Ben Simon | Rina Peled | Bitya Rosenak | Ruth Schreiber

Friday, July 30th 2021, at 12:00

Curated: Osnat Shapira, Lena Zaidel

״The Moshe Castel homage project is a collaborative project realized with the Agripas 12 Artists' Gallery and the Moshe Castel Museum of Art. The many and varied gallery artists have produced a conversation of aesthetics which has sharpened their own introspection and so reflects the unique language of Moshe Castel. As curator of the Museum, during the development of this project, elements in Moshe Castel's works that these contemporary artists found relevant, were revealed to me. This project has also led to a greater familiarity with the gallery artists. The process has materialized a very unique project joining a heterogeneous group of artists in dialogue with a single artist, one of great importance in the historiography of the world of Israeli art from the 1920's to the 1970's.

It is therefore why the Moshe Castel Museum of Art is honored to join in hosting this lively group of local artists. We hope it contributes to a new and refreshed look at, conversation with, and research of an important and celebrated figure in Israeli art, Jewish art and as an international artist.״

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The Eternal Menorah, 1973-IMGP00130.JPG

Mesilot | Presenters: Ella Bishevsky | Lera Barshtein | Svetlana Ostrovsky

Michael Yakhilevich | Boris Karafelov | Michael Morgenshtern

Julia Segal | Julia Shulman | Lea Zarembo
Opening date: Monday 21.06.2021
Closing date: 13.07.2021

Curator of the exhibition: Michael Yakhilevich

An exhibition of the Mesilot group is about choosing to close a circle of 30 years in the country
The artists of the circle acquired an academic education in academic institutions in Russia, but the painting was informally studied by unofficial artists.
It was a powerful expression in a language different from the socialist realisms then prevalent in the Soviet Union. They developed a language of conveying ideas without the need for explanations and sometimes a wink. Mostly the artists' perception of their nanny was as a mission and not as a consumer product. They were perceived by the local barangas in the country as outdated and recommended to them to join the Tel Aviv milieu close to journalists and advertisers. As an expression of the resurrection of the circle artists, their residences were chosen according to their ideological conception, most of them in the territories. The group has held several exhibitions in Israel, Germany, Italy, France and Russia.

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Halalim | Presenter: Itai Ron-Gilboa
Opening date: Monday 12.04.2021
Closing date: 25.04.2021

Initiator of the exhibition: Nehama Zion

Exhibition in memory of 14 fallen as they left us left families, children and friends and left the shadow of memory.
14 portraits of women and men, all IDF Fallen soldiers. The Fallen soldiers become a family, in our pain we connect and get closer, the portraits are made of thin iron wire, most of the work is the empty spaces between line.

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הזמנה לתערוכה - איתי רון גלבוע - ENG.jpg

The Other | Art Installation - Gila Stein 
Opening date: Friday 6/3/2020 at 10:30
Closing date: 20/6/2020

Curator: Daria Kaufman

Immigration and refugee crises are phenomena which characterize the times in which we live. The exhibition of artist Gila Stein deals with the waves of immigration which arrived to Israel, and focuses on the attempt made at the beginning of the state to create a “melting pot.” The installation attempts to echo the physical and emotional influences that affected the new immigrants, the request and the expectation to actualize this “integration of the exiles” and to create one community with similar characteristics.
Stein sculpts cement heads with anonymous facial features. The faces receive a specific identity when illuminated with photographs of the immigrants from different ethnic groups. The sculpture installation attempts to illuminate the complicated reality of the immigrant after arriving at a new place. Among other techniques, the artist places about two dozen facial sculptures on sheets of rusted iron in which the erosion of time can be visualized. The faces are identical, and lack characterization and expression, as if they had shed their uniqueness. The rusted body also expresses loss-the disintegration of the familiar and the known. This aesthetic choice indicates the intermediate phase between the loss of one’s previous identity and the acceptance of the new one.
Stein’s installation “The Other” integrates sculpture photography, video and sound. It engages a number of the visitors’ senses: sound, vision and touch. This multisensory approach is intended to remind the viewers of just how life changing and tumultuous immigration and being a refugee can be. Whether the immigration was forced or by choice, the trauma of the immigrant is all inclusive. The language in the new land has a different basis and consistency, the sounds of the new culture beat the drum at an unfamiliar rhythm, and the new sights dazzle the retina of the eye to see other landscapes. And all of this is in addition to the need to integrate into a new society which does not always accept the other with open arms.
Upon entering the exhibition space, the viewers pass through a dark, narrow passageway. From inside the wall, sculptured hands protrude, pointing at the viewers with an accusing finger. The hands serve as a double metaphor: they are the hands of those that immigrated to Israel, turning in sharp criticism towards the veteran Israelis for their lack of acceptance and point at the lack of equality and opportunities, the hatred of the foreigner and the lack of tolerance towards the other. Tens of additional hands comprise a complete wall in the display hall, and represent the veteran community of Israel which admonish the new immigrants for changing the familiar social fabric, for closing themselves off in their previous traditions and for their difficulty in integrating into the present society.
Gila Stein is a multidisciplinary artist who has worked in a variety of mediums over the last five decades. Since 1985 she has exhibited her work in many single and group exhibitions; among them are the Biblical Museum in Tel-Aviv, the Castel Museum in Ma’ale Adumim as well as exhibitions in New York, London, Paris, Lisbon, Venice, Istanbul, Ankara, Caracas and more.

Video and sound editor: Amir Rajforker
Installment by Gili Natan

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“Women Create” 2020 Edition | Ma'ale Adumim women artists
Opening date: Friday 6/3/2020 at 12:30
Closing date: 16/3/2020

Curator: Osnat Shapira

Let’s begin with tradition. “Women Create” has been a welcome tradition at the museum, marking national Women’s Day. This year, we offer a brand new collection of artwork for 2020.
Who is participating? We will be hosting women artists who live in the city as well as those who live in the Greater Maale Adumim Region - surrounding communities located between Jerusalem and the Dead Sea.
Which types of art media will be displayed? We will be expanding from painting, drawing and sculpture to photography, and video art. In coming years, expect to see further expansion to ceramics, glasswork, sound and more.
For us, every form of artwork is important - whether it derives from part of a class assignment, an independent project or from a graduate of Bezalel, Hadassah College or HaKubia School of Art.
We hope that this year’s exhibition will reflect a wide variety of creativity, from the topics themselves to the media the artists use based on their identities, backgrounds and accumulated knowledge.
This time, borrowing an expression from the writer, Virginia Wolf, the women’s group will
have at its disposal not only a “room of my own” but “a complete hall for themselves”.
We hope that these 10 days in March will serve as a local women’s “room of wonders.”

The creators who will be exhibiting:

Dovrat Alpern, Advah Burke, Vered Ganchrow, Elisheva(Ellen) Horowitz, Lisa Cain Hammerman, Victoria Zlatkin, Vered Charush, Alumim Haruveni Kahana, Rafa Lasser,
Sarah Muchtar, Ayala Sonenblick, Yael Fink, Nurit Tzin, Svetlana Kosjak.

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ציירת בשמורת הסורק. 1989 לערך. שמן על בד

Shmuel Shelest, Shlomo Bronshtein, Mariana Korol | On the Road... Modern Israeli Art
Opening date: 23/12/2019 at 18:00
Closing date: 01/3/2020
Curator: Marina

The exhibition "On the Road" is a continuation of a series of exhibitions under the name "Modern Israeli Art", the theme of which is the biblical history of Israel, told using the language of modern art. Each of the three artists taking part in the exhibition saw the story of the Jewish wanderings from Egypt through their own perspective: the travelers on their way to Eretz Israel and the path that is set out in front of them. In the archaic characters of Shmuel Shelest, we see modern Israelis that we can meet today on the streets of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and Haifa... This connection of time is strengthened by the technique the artist uses: in the foundation of the images - monotype on silk, which is then altered with the use of the most diverse materials - acrylic, chalk, and charcoal, so that the thin vertical sheets are made to look like ancient parchment scrolls. 

In the photographs of Shlomo Bronshtein, we can see the very same desert through which our ancestors walked. We even see that very same road, steeply going up; we feel how difficult it would be to walk on it, feel the unbearable heat. The combination of Shelest's scrolls and Bronshtein's photographs in the same exhibit allows us to assure ourselves that it was indeed we who walked this path to the mountain of Sinai, because the scenery is so familiar. 

Mariana Korol's works on fabric are not documentary. The monochrome palette and the closeness of the foreground make them look like dreams, but this dream is about the same desert. This kind of synthesis (in the works of all the participants) of a traditional approach to text and the search for non-traditional visual solutions, creates an opportunity for the viewers to not only steep themselves in biblical history but to also try themselves to decipher the hints and prophesies taken from the text and put into the fabric of a visual art form. 

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National Exhibition of Art Graduates in Religious State Education
Opening date: 2/1/2020
Closing date: 26/2/2020
Curator: Liora Levy - artist and curator

16th National Exhibition of Zipporah Luria Religious Education art Graduates

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The Ort Dekel Vilnai Junior High School & High School Art Courses
In cooperation with senior residents of Maale Adumim from the Yuvalim Center |
An Eye Towards Jerusalem

Opening date: 12/6/2019
Closing date: Jerusalem Day 2020
Curator: Dudu Penso

As is our yearly tradition, we are proud to host this year’s exhibition, “An Eye Towards Jerusalem" - This exhibition begins with the paintbrushes of the junior high and high school students who create art as part of their course load, together with senior residents of the city of Maale Adumim from the Yuvalim Center who participate in the project “Senior Citizen Class” which takes place at the high school.
The project is under the leadership of artist, Dudu Penso, the art major coordinator at the school.
The paintings and drawings will be displayed at the entrance of the museum, in the open area for all to see, for a full year, until Jerusalem Day 2020.


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WhatsApp Image 2019-07-14 at 11.49_edite

Meir Axelrod | From the Stetl to Moscow
Opening date: 6/12/2018
Closing date: 1/3/2019
Curator: Osnat Shapira

The visitor is invited to follow the chapters of Russian and Jewish history in the 20 th century as portrayed by the paintings and sketches of Axelrod in this exhibition. As a student of Modernism and avant-garde at the beginning of the last century, the artist had
been labeled in the former Soviet Union as a “formalist”. Even though his work had not been displayed in any exhibition for over more than 20 years, Axelrod remained optimistic and continued to paint. His paintings from the last decade are a celebration of color and vitality despite the difficult circumstances of his life. After his death, his works were exhibited once again in the most prestigious museums in Russia and outside the country as well. His works can be found today in many museums, and locally, at the Israel Museum. It is noteworthy that the majority of his collection can be found in Maale Adumim at his family’s residence.

A gallery talk will take place on Wednesday 2/1/19 at 19:30 at the Moshe Castel Museum.
The discussion will be conducted by the museum curator, Osnat Shapira and the artist Michael Yechilevitch.

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מאיר אקסלרוד 1.jpg
מאיר אקסלרוד 2.jpg

Michael Yechilevitch | From Moscow to Maale Adumim
Opening date: 6/12/2018
Closing date: 28/2/2019
Curator: Osnat Shapira

Yechilevitch’s education as an artist began at a young age by his grandfather, Meir Axelrod. Next to his artwork from the Russian chapter of his life one can see how his aliyah to Israel in 1990 changed the topics and colors used in his paintings. The physical expanses of the desert reflect not only the land of his forefathers but the loss of his social and cultural milieu. In a typical minimalistic language, using both wit and irony, Yechilevitch presents the different and challenging physical conditions of his new homeland - Israel.

A gallery talk will be held on Wednesday 6/2/19 at 19:30 at the Moshe Castel Museum. The talk will be conducted by the museum curator, Osnat Shapira and the artist Michael Yechilovetch.

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מיכאל יחילביץ 2.jpg
Yakhilevich invitation.jpg

Tal Heres | Megunderet (Dressed-up)
Opening date: 30/8/2019
Closing date: 30/9/2019
Curator: Eli Raz

In the process of reducing the ego and positioning himself behind the camera, the photographer is exposed to the bold colors on the large taut sheets attached to wooden frames and the formidable geophysical imagery of the artist, Moshe Castel. The photographer then visits the home of Moshe Castel and is exposed to the dominating personality of the artist’s wife, Bilha.

Tal Heres, a young artist, stands with his camera, opposite 70 years of the artist’s creativity and 43 years of marital life with his wife, Bilha. He is faced with the challenge of giving appropriate expression to the 25 years of her solitude with the artist’s works and and the fulfillment of her life mission — the implementation of Castel’s will, the building of “our Taj Mahal”, permanent housing for the artist’s works — the Moshe Castel Museum of Art.
During Castel’s lifetime, Bilha lived in the shadow of her husband’s giant stature; a giant both physically and in the field of art. The only way she could express herself was to become involved in his artwork. In addition to being a source of inspiration and a model for some of his works, she would also choose the colors of her clothing according to the artist’s preferences—red, blue and green.
The ability of Tal to understand Bilha’s sources of inspiration and the uniqueness of the colors of her clothes are expressed in the model photographs together with the creations of the artist, though at times, in contrast with them, all against the backdrop of the antique furniture in which she has chosen to live her life. After 25 years of forced isolation she is forced to absorb the essence of her husband’s life
and his personality which are expressed with cloth, light and color.
Through his lens, the photographer artist equates Castel’s spreading the cloth over Bilha’s body with stretching the canvas over a wooden frame, and the chosen color of her clothes with the colors spread on the cloth with erotic strokes of Castel’s paintbrush. One black box, one eye, one moment captured…

Eli Raz

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הזמנה למגונדרת - אנגלית.jpg

Women Create 2019
Opening date: 8/3/2019 at 11:00
Closing date: 22/3/19
Curator: Rachel Ziv

Holding a women’s exhibition during the month which marks International Women’s Day, is an important tradition.
The art exhibition, “Women Create” will take place for the second year in a row at the Moshe Castel Art Museum in Maale Adumim, and is organized in cooperation with the municipal community center. Participation in this exhibition is geared for local women artists as well as women from all parts of the country.
The need for a gender-defined exhibition on the subject of women is of utmost importance. A tremendous social revolution has been occurring throughout history regarding the status of women but women in many societies and cultures in the world still do not enjoy the equal rights that they are deserving of. Women continue in their struggle to stand as equals with men. The topics of this struggle are many and different: equal wages, sharing equally in family responsibilities and more. In art and in creativity, women play a respectable role, in defining awareness and in the feminine arena.
Today, towards the end of the second decade of the 2000’s, women who create are dominant in society.
Tobi Morrison, an Afro-American writer, poet, children’s author, professor and Pulitzer Prize winner in 1988, recipient of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1993 and the Presidential Medal for Freedom in 2012 wrote the following: “Usually we are proud of our success in managing to balance our creative work with our housework and other responsibilities. I am not sure that we deserve to receive an outstanding grade for this achievement”.
Here, at the Castel Museum, we hope that the tradition of exhibiting women’s artwork will continue for many years to come.

Participating women artists in this exhibition:
Isabelle Rachel Satloff, Ilana Taman, Alina Pikovsky, Elisheva Horowitz, Anna Falencor, Galina Golov, Devorah YIsraeli, Victoria Zeltkin, Vered Harush, Zehava Sabag, Haya Halprin, Hannah Melamed, Talya Saadon, Talya Rubin, Yevagnia Kirstein, Yael Luberbaum, Carmela Raichuk, Michal Elazar Tzur, Mimi Ben Shalom Schiefer, Miriam Chen, Nurit Tzin, Noa Rubin, Anat Ben Ezra, Anat Uriel Yaaalon, Polina Eidelson, Penina Afik, Rinat Shahar, Sarah Gilboa ( za”l), Sarah Septon Shor, Dorit Rof, Yael Hershkovitz

An arts and crafts fair will take place at the museum on Friday, 15/3/19 from 11 a.m.
Free entrance

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Tamar FB.JPG

Ort Dekel Vilnai High school Art major | Graduates Exhibition
​Opening date: 21/2/2019
Closing date: 1/3/2019
Curator: Dudu Penso

This exhibition at the Moshe Castel Museum displays the best of the artwork created by the high school art major graduates of Ort Dekel Vilnai High School. Free entrance.

Participants of the Exhibition:
Ohad Uzan, Aloni Emmanuel, Aravivo Lee, Ben Yisrael Ofek, Benkin Libi, Didian Aviv, Dimovki Dana, Vaknin ALmog,Tibi Shahar, Yalon Ohad,Yitzchak Tair, Cohen Bar, Lakin Katrin, Millis Tal, Levkowitch Hadar, Nuriel Yuval, Soneno Eden, Peretz Ofek, Tchomkov Irena, Karvel Liel, Rabibo Shani, Shalom Shahar

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Meira Ohad Dori - Hidden Scrolls, 2018

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